Top survival rules of Douyin (Tik-Tok) e-commerce in China in 2020 (Part 3/4)

The Short video and live broadcast e-commerce have gain popularity in 2019 in China, and this pandemic seems to have added firewood under the boiling water. More and more ordinary people, KOL and small merchants have joined the “content e-commerce” in the tide, “Dai Huo (Carrying goods to the customer)” has increasingly become a national movement.

Is this trending going to present new opportunities for you? Are you also a player on the Dai Huo track? If you are one of them, have you mastered the skills and methods of choosing Douyin (Tik-Tok) selection products and making short video e-commerce content? In addition to the regular content Dai Huo, what other alternatives to Douyin e-commerce? We will answer you in detail with four posts, and this is Part 3/4.

Content vs Context

In the past year, the creator ecology of Douyin has also undergone some changes.

It can be seen from the data that the number of users has increased from 200 million to 400 million, and the number of active KOL has also increased from 32K to 76K. The increase in active KOL is higher than that of users, which seems that the trend is excellent, but in fact, it is an undercurrent.

Judging from the threshold distribution of over 100,000 celebrities’ video’s likes on Douyin in October 2018 and October 2019, videos with less than 1W likes in 2018 was 56%, and it increased to 70% in 2019. Which means users have higher and higher requirements for video and the threshold of breaking video was harder and harder. The chance of explosive models was reduced, costs were increased, the ecological competition intensifies, and a low number of likes have become the norm.

▲ October 2018 VS October 2019 threshold distribution of over 100,000 celebrities’ video’s likes on Douyin

So how can you give your videos a greater chance of getting high likes? The answer is you must get the content improved for your account.

In the early days of a new account, many people were unfamiliar with video production or did not determine the direction of operation. Their content type was mostly pure staged, which means there was no apparent persona. This kind of account doesn’t require high-quality scripts, filming and account operations but with unique advantages, such as the ability to display product performance, highlight ‘new and peculiar’ selling points and unlimited to content production and delivery. However, this type of account may produce one or two explosions, but there is no potential for continuous operation, and it is challenging to grow into a larger size.

Therefore, the persona has become the top priority of establishing a high-quality sale account.

First of all, we can see that all of the superhead accounts on the Douyin have self-explanatory and clear persona settings.

For example, Li Jiaqi, as a professional BA, has unique credibility in beauty. With years of selling experience can sharply capture user’s needs and his fans also trust his recommendation. Lang Wei Xian, with a persona of big-belly, eats in thousands of stores. The food or shop he recommends is naturally very attractive.

The persona settings of these accounts have laid a solid foundation for their next delivery, and fans will not have a strong ‘no match’ feeling about product implantation.

Now, do you think that I know the importance of persona setting but is it challenging to put it into practice? Considering that setting personas requires real people to appear and to keep the role, it requires the actor needs to maintain for a long time. Also, there’re high professional requirements for this kind of content which scared people to step out to create a new IP. Setting a persona is not so difficult.

Persona set, to put it bluntly, is to give the actor an identity.

First of all, according to the ability of yourself and the team, determine the content direction in the early stage. For example, knowledge (lower threshold), plot (high team requirements), vlog (personal charm requirements), etc.

Then you need to give people a particular social role. There are multiple categories, such as practical roles (entrepreneurs, shopping guides), meaningful roles (scholars, experts), prescribed roles (security, police), open roles (girlfriends, straight men) and so on. If you want to give people a reasonable social role, you need to provide reasons for users to believe in you, like you, and close to you.

The most important thing to keep in mind after the establishment of the persona setting and content direction is that the content should be targeted matters related to the role which you played and continuously strengthen the persona through the material. And after a specific persona/role is recognized, you can continue to shape other non-conflicting personas. For example, Wei Ya is a girl in the workplace, a queen of products selling and a wife at home. Under the influence of multiple identities, account settings are closer to reality and more easily to accept and also can attract a broader range of users’ attention.

However, it is essential to remember that the persona settings must conform to the social roles, experiences and preferences of the actor. It is challenging to manufacture personas, and the built personas can easily collapse. Therefore, there are so many celebrities in institutions and so few celebrities who can sell goods.

The last is the product selection. Looking at the big accounts, there are many examples of cross-border sellings. As long as people can keep the persona and the content is relatively high quality, there is no boundary for selling. It can even gradually grow into an IP and also break away from the shackles of the platform.

For example, KoL@捷捷家里有宝藏呀 got over 800,000 followers. Most of the productions are daily home products and home furnishing products. Through the form of knowledge sharing and life records, the products are integrated into the small details to display. The appearance of home clothes is unpretentious, and the sweet and gentle voice will not give people a sense of distance. It is easy for users to buy products after following her rhythm gradually.

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