Top 5 Proven strategy on how to use WeChat Moment to help education brands to accelerate growth in China in 2020

Many keywords had dominated the Chinese education-related news in 2019, some of them may sound strange, like “invisible impoverished parents”, “phobias of helping children’s study”, “Tutorial Freedom”, and “Shunyi mothers”. All these words reflect the parents’ concern to children’s education in China. With every changing of the trends of the Chinese parenting practice over the years. The rise of the middle class and the over-competitive, over-crowded schooling situation and other factors, parents are paying more and more attention to the education of their children which led to foreign education institutes and establishment rushing into the Chinese education market.

Reception of Yitong

If you want to stand out from the increasingly competitive education market, in addition to practising internal skills, how to use promotion tools and expand brand influence is also very important.


Established in 2018, Yitong Study Abroad is a professional study abroad service organisation focusing on providing study planning, study tour services and study supervision in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In 2019, the agency launched a brand promotion campaign through Tencent’s Moment advertisements and increased its popularity.

Yitong Study Abroad Reception Hall

Shenzhen is located on the coast and is an innovative international city. The study abroad industry in this city started early, and there is high competition with many studies abroad service organisations. There are also some well-known national chain organisations. As a rising star, Yitong Study Abroad, the target users are mainly the parents of junior high school students interested in studying abroad. However, few customers need to study overseas in junior high schools, and the tuition fees are relatively expensive, which ordinary families cannot afford it. How to let more parents and students who have the strength to study abroad to understand their high-quality study services is a significant difficulty in the promotion.

At the beginning of its establishment, Yitong also recruited students utilising referrals and other offline promotion. With the steady development of the organisation, Yitong hopes to expand its brand influence through online advertising further. ‘The first thing we thought of was the WeChat Moment advertisement. WeChat is already a must-have chat tool for everyone. The range of radiated people is quite wide. With its influence, we came without hesitation.’ The advertiser said.

Students and parents consult with staff on studying abroad.

Based on this belief, in the fall of the 2019 school season, Yitong began to promote new ads on Moment. After targeted delivery, the exposure of a single ad was over 150,000 times, and the number of daily visits reached over 10,000 times which also improved the brand image and broadened the business channels.

2. Delivery strategy

Choosing the right platform will make or break a campaign. Then there is the implementation, the key to success is “audience-focused” and “steady”. In the process of any brand’s advertising, the optimisation team of advertising discussed with Yitong first to give a clear picture of the target customer group first. By locking high-quality users and comprehensively using a variety of delivery techniques and real-time adjustment according to the delivery situation, Yitong attracted more potential customers’ attention.

1. Smart usage of the advanced targeting function to “filter and lock in” high-quality users

Utilising Tencent’s sophisticated audience selection function to target users 35 to 50 years old, then accurately target student parents and using the behaviour orientation to target parents who are interested in studying abroad for children.

With 100+ keywords, such as study abroad, study abroad preparation, study abroad at a young age, study abroad institutions, overseas education establishments. Set the behaviour ageing to 30 days multi-dimensional positioning accurate and high-intention users.

2. Adapt to the audience’s habits

According to the high-frequency sub-periods of parent users using mobile phones, the best time to post updates are 12: 00-14: 00, 17: 00 ~ 22: 00. To ensure the exposure of advertisements and made the average exposure of each ad reach to over 150,000 times.

3. Customise characteristic copy for potential customers’ pain points

Customised copywriting for students who have the potential to study abroad after the entrance exam. The emphasis is placed on ‘changing the educational model, accessibility for further studies, changing methods, and there’re many options from famous overseas institutes.’ Under the top page of the landing page, it is clearly pointed out ‘Relying on high school entrance examination? Change another way to let children go to prestigious overseas schools. The outer copy corresponds to the landing page, solves the parents’ worries, and thus improves the customer’s ad click rate.

4. Pictures of vivid scenes for attentions

It adopts the conventional four-picture puzzle form and mostly the pictures of middle school students and international students together. All are using campus scene pictures while showing the school atmosphere to make the target users get more sense of substitution and further arousing the yearning for studying abroad.

5. Demonstrate cooperation strength, highlight institutional advantages

The landing page combines the concise text, eye-catching pictures and videos of partner schools to present the cooperation information of many overseas famous schools that cooperate with Yitong which not only shows the strong advantages of the organisation but also is more convincing to help Yitong to demonstrate the brand value.

Through this series of operations, the overall promotion has proceeded quite smoothly, and the advertiser has also praised it ‘This promotion is very different from other methods we have used. It promotes according to the attributes of the customer population and very targeted. In the promotion, the advertising team also gives us a lot of help and guidance. For example, the optimisers optimised the materials in time, guides the setting activities and tracks the results. They are professional and responsible.’

With this good attempt, regarding the future, Yitong would continue to work with us and is also full of expectations for the launch of the next year ‘The Moment has a great impact and wide coverage. We hope that through a wider range of promotion and more different advertising forms, we can continue to expand the brand’s influence and provide professional services for more young people who are interested in studying abroad and let them be exposed to high-quality international education and realise their dreams.’

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