China Digital Quick-start Guide

Now it is a tough time for many companies, but it is great to see most PBSA companies are still active and confident in this complicated situation. Rollzoom had recently offered a FREE 30-minute video consultation with experienced China market business advisors for PBSA in the UK. In the past two weeks, we have been working with Aparto, Abodus, Unilife, Chapter, IQ, Urban Student Life, Liv Student, Ture Student Living, etc., to discuss plans and strategies about how to boost their Chinese student numbers.

British Council has found a 12% fall in overall international student numbers. But there are still around 115,000 Chinese students come to the UK in 2020/21, which means there is still a window of opportunity for PBSA to do marketing in China and engage with the students.

To help you to catch this opportunity, we have put together a budget-friendly “Chinese Social Quick-Start Pack”, this pack contains critical solutions which will kick start enquiries generation from the Chinese audience.

You can use the Contact us form or the calendar before to schedule a 30min using the calendar below:

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