2022 GaoKao ends, why do more Chinese students prefer studying in the UK?

The 2022 national college entrance examination (GaoKao) ended on 9th June. The total GaoKao applications reached a record number – 11.93 million for 2022. In 2017, it was only 9.4 million. Education background has increasingly become a stepping stone to getting a better life in China. Many students would like to study abroad to avoid competing in a competitive environment with other talents. The UK has become the favorite place for Chinese students who plan to study overseas.

UCAS and the US College Board jointly released a report “Where Next? What influences the choices international students make?”. It reviewed the development of UK international education in the past 10 years and analyzed the intentions of the international students. According to the report, 88% of students saw the UK as a very positive place to learn during the pandemic, and 77% said they applied because of the UK’s strong academic reputation. Many students are attracted to the NHS, the UK’s universal solid health care system. By the 2026 application cycle, 1 million people may apply to UK universities, about a 27% increase over 2021. 

Under the effects of the local education pressures in China and the care policies for international students in the UK, there will be more Chinese students studying in the UK. Besides simplifying the Visa application process, the Post-study work policy was launched on 1st July 2021. PSW allows international students who have obtained a degree to work in the UK for at least 2 years. In May, the British government launched a ‘highly selective’ Visa program to attract more potential talents around the world. All the policies make Chinese students increasingly prefer the UK as their first choice.

For PBSA and education industry companies, good services, instant feedback, and understandable language will make Chinese students feel relieved when they make decisions. Suppose you’ve set up your official social media accounts in China, you can publish great news and brand images, talk to the students directly in their online communities, and answer their questions detailed before their final decision. It can help to capture more market share and achieve a better goal. 

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