Top survival rules of Douyin (Tik-Tok) e-commerce in China in 2020 (Part 4/4)

The Short video and live broadcast e-commerce have gain popularity in 2019 in China, and this pandemic seems to have added firewood under the boiling water. More and more ordinary people, KOL and small merchants have joined the “content e-commerce” in the tide, “Dai Huo (Carrying goods to the customer)” has increasingly become a national movement.

Is this trending going to present new opportunities for you? Are you also a player on the Dai Huo track? If you are one of them, have you mastered the skills and methods of choosing Douyin (Tik-Tok) selection products and making short video e-commerce content? In addition to the regular content Dai Huo, what other alternatives to Douyin e-commerce? We will answer you in detail with four posts, and this is Part 4/4.

Disruptive strategy on Douyin

While utilising the short video media format in China, there are many approaches to Douyin. We have listed 3 of them here, and you can decide which one will work better for you.

1. Live Stream

As mentioned earlier, Douyin currently provides a large number of live streaming supports for traffic. Almost the same proportion of live content will be pushed to users no matter your log status. Now, it can be said that it is the best time to enter the live stream selling on Douyin.

From 18th March , the TOP 100 product traffic source of the single-day product views increasing list of Douyin can be found that the proportion of the listed products with associated live broadcasts reaches 85%, of which 53% of the product live streaming are greater than the video quantity. The live streaming of goods has greatly increased the chance of the goods being seen and sold.

Looking at the performance of each category in TOP100, clothing, beauty and food account for the top 3 positions. Among the clothing category, 100% of the products are related to live stream and 70% of the products have more lives than the number of videos which indicating that more and more KOL shifted its focus to live streaming.

As for Douyin’s concerns, users can enter the live through multiple entrances, such as Live Plaza, Follow, Same City, Recommendation, Douyin Volcano APP and so on. Compared with the situation of hanging the shopping cart in the short video may be diverted by the product aggregation page, the shopping cart in the live room will not and will directly lead to the purchase, significantly improving the conversion rate.

Live streaming has exceeded short video exposure and has become a greater source of product visitor traffic.

2. “Content Matrix”

Content Matrix is common in clothing sellers. By building multi-account matrices, making a large number of ‘similar’ videos, splitting and reorganising the same material to creating a large amount of homogenous content. Through repetition to get higher explosion rate.

The basic rule is by putting a large number of accounts launches in the first round to select the individual account with better performance data in the first-level traffic pool to launch Dou + for the first time. Then according to the subsequent data performance, further select one or two accounts with the possibility of the explosion to do Dou + launch. According to the interactive data feedback to determine whether to continue to follow the investment to obtain explosive funds. And then follow up live streaming after the explosion.

To reduce the output of such speculative content, Douyin also avoids “over-marketing”, limits the number of video postings on accounts and enables face authentication. This may later bring a heavy blow to the pure editing matrix account.

3. Taobao

Taobao merchants can set up high-rebate products to stimulate the users / KOC / tail KOL to spontaneously sell goods for them.

On the one hand, if the product is oversold, the profit will be obtained through small profits and high sales. On the other hand, it will be backed by the strong traffic of Douyin and it will be imported into Taobao. To increase Taobao’s natural rankings by page views and sales. To increase the probability that Taobao’s internal consumers will be retrieved when searching for related words and increase the weight.

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