Presenting more to Chinese customer

The priority factors of tenants when looking for accommodation have been constantly adjusted as Covid-19 has greatly increased the time spent on work and entertainment at home. PBSA with higher security and convenience have become one of the first choices of students studying in the UK. According to the latest data, there’re more than 40,000 new positive cases per day in last week in the UK. The NHS said that some policies during the lockdown period may return, such as compulsory face covering and encourage people to work from home.

In the pandemic period, international students pay more attention to the quality, service and convenient living conditions of the property. Although most of the PBSA’s room quality and service are constantly improving, how can PBSAs show these good improvements to attract more international students and increase the room occupancy rate under the pandemic?

For the Chinese market, Weibo and WeChat are the most basic social media platforms. By verifying the official Weibo and WeChat accounts, many PBSA apartments have answered Chinese students’ questions in time, and helped many students booked rooms through Weibo and WeChat. aparto is a PBSA brand with 13 properties in 8 cities. Within half a year of its cooperation with Rollzoom, by operating through Weibo and WeChat blog posts, follower maintenance, comments responses, super-topic operation and topic maintenance, there are more than 4.6 million people received the properties’ room types, promotion discounts, events activities and many other information about the brand. The conversion rate of enquires is reached to 20%, aparto Glasgow were fully booked as early as July and there’re 9 properties of aparto reached the result of being fully booked on 21/22.

In addition to Weibo and WeChat, Douyin (Tiktok) and Xiaohongshu (Red) are also very effective social media platforms in the Chinese market. But how can PBSA start the operation of Chinese social media and convert resources reasonably and effectively? If you are not familiar with the relevant social media platform, Rollzoom is offering a FREE 30-minute video consultation with experienced China Market Business Advisors for student accommodation companies in the UK. This is an opportunity to discuss business issues and seek advice on topics such as setting up in China, identifying business partners, communicating effectively with students, and as well as the support and services available to help you develop your business in China in a cost-effective way.

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