Have you shown your language programmes policy to Chinese students?

Recently, many students have received their offers from the universities in the UK where they are dreaming to. Of course, winning the offer is worth celebrating, but some students still have a little gap before going to their dream university, that is – the language requirement. Besides IELTS, some universities in the UK also accept other language certifications, and many of them also offer language programmes to the students!

At present, some universities have opened the language programmes application access:

Pre-Sessional English Language Programmes of University of Southampton
Pre-Sessional English course of Kingston University

Although the content of the language programme has been listed clearly, many students in China have no idea of it without the help of the Chinese overseas study agents.

Facing the significant demands of the Chinese students’ applications, what should British universities do to help their future students improve their recognition among students? According to statistics, among the 159 British universities, more than 70.5% and 57.2% have opened Weibo and WeChat official accounts in China.

Take the University of Southampton as an example: In the past two years, the number of Chinese students studying at the University of Southampton has increased significantly from 2,698 in 2019 to 3,895 in 2021 growth rate of 44%. Besides the rank of the world universities, the result would be attributed to their Chinese social media operation. The University of Southampton opened Weibo, WeChat and other official accounts in China for years and updated them regularly. And now, the University of Southampton Weibo account has 1878 posts and nearly 35,000 followers. In addition, the information of the opening of the language programme application had also been updated to Weibo and WeChat in time:

UoS Pre-Sessional English Language Programmes information on Weibo and WeChat

This shows that the role of Chinese social media in college admissions is more critical. It can allow more Chinese students to know and understand the university more directly without the influence of their parents or agents, as there are many rumours of some universities. Furthermore, with the updates of the official accounts, students can get the university’s latest policies and activities, and the universities will also get their right students.

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