CCTV Livestream: how are international students under the second wave of the epidemic?

More than two million new university students in the UK start their study in October. More than 80 of 130 universities have so far confirmed at least 6,000 cases among students. UK universities have been the hardest hit by the second wave of the epidemic. 

CCTV (China Central Television) journalist visited the University of Southampton on 20th October and arranged a Livestream to see how university campuses have prepared for the epidemic. 

Before this, CCTV also visited Loughborough University on 20th September and expressed appreciation for its anti-epidemic measures.

Due to the outbreak of the second wave of COVID-19 in Europe, the safety of Chinese students has become the focus of attention of students and their parents. The epidemic has brought about changes in consumption patterns, and Livestream has become a major means of interaction.

For people don’t know, CCTV is equivalent of BBC in China, it is the most influential tv station and one of the most visited website by Chinese speaking audience. Media channel like these would establish awareness and assist conversion. It is essential for British brands to consider how to combine Chinese media to get closer to their Chinese customers at this special situation.

Click the link to review CCTV Livestream: University of Southampton and CCTV Livestream: Loughborough University.

Sources from CCTV News.

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