The Next Semester: Another Opportunity for Overseas Education and PBSA Brands to Enter the Chinese Market!

Most universities have begun to gradually distribute offers to students and now is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for overseas education and PBSA brands to enter the Chinese market as these students are curious about their future university and living environment.

As one of the largest markets for international students in the world, China still has broad development potential, which means unlimited business opportunities and growth potential when entering the Chinese market. In the past, we have helped many brands develop a series of marketing strategies and brand development plans to help them expand into the Chinese market and gain students’ attention. As a company with extensive marketing experience, Rollzoom knows the importance of opportunities during the opening season.

We will fully utilize our professional knowledge and experience in marketing promotion and brand development to provide all-around support for overseas education and PBSA brands to succeed in the Chinese market.  We believe that through accurate advertising and offline resource support in China, Rollzoom can help overseas education and PBSA brands achieve breakthrough results in the Chinese market.    

Rollzoom will continue to pursue excellence and provide our partners with the best marketing and brand development solutions.

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