The Ministry of Education of China no longer certifies the diploma of overseas distance courses

The Ministry of Education of China published an announcement on 28th January 2023, on Adjusting the Special Certification Rules for Cross-border Remote Diploma Certificates during the Epidemic Period, which stated that- At present, the main destinations for studying abroad have opened their borders, and overseas colleges and universities have fully resumed offline teaching. The Ministry of Education Study Abroad Service Center will no longer provide certification services for foreign language certificates obtained from the spring semester of 2023 (autumn semester in the southern hemisphere) and after which distance learning (including new enrollment and continuing learning) is still being used.

They also answered that students should return to school as soon as possible, regardless of whether they have started school or not. For overseas students who are unable to return to school in the spring semester of 2023 (autumn semester of the southern hemisphere) due to objective reasons under special circumstances, they must keep relevant written proof materials and provide them together with the certification application after receiving the certificate. The center will complete the case assessment of relevant diploma certificates according to the specific situation.

Effect on some popular countries:

The UK:

All universities have basically resumed offline teaching, only the language classes in a few schools are accepting online classes in some places. Therefore, after this policy is released, most (since 2019) international students, especially Chinese students are on their way back to the UK for completing their studying abroad, and the demand for local students’ accommodations is rising rapidly.

Source: UCAS

Australia and New Zealand:

For the students in Australia and New Zealand who start school at the end of February, the time is the tensest, while this policy is valid for these students, they are suggested to attend classes on-site at the universities, which indicates the same trend mentioned above: the demand of local students accommodations is rising rapidly.

Source: Google trends data

While Chinese students occupy the most percentage of international students in Australia, based on the new policy of the China education center, now the forecast rate of international students has been going up.

Source: Centre for Independent Studies

Hence, there are hundreds of students have started looking for accommodations in the UK and Australia actively through our relevant staff in the last 48 hours. This is a fast and volume demand right now according to relevant data from several big education organizations.

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