Swiss water purifier promotions in China

KATADYN has been producing high-quality portable water purifiers since 1928. With 91 years of professional water purification equipment manufacturing experience. Leading the world’s excellent quality, it is the world’s first brand of professional water purification equipment.

We need to find more potential target customers in China. By cooperating with Katadyn from 2011 and social media is not as popular as now. After 2008, Chinese people were more and more concerned about air pollution and outdoor sports were also more and more popular because of the Olympic Games. Starting from Sina Blog to Zhihu, we created a content strategy designed to provide useful content to customers interested in clean water or health care. For direct marketing, we bring Katadyn to expos like China (Shanghai) International Boat Show (CIBS). We showed the content for pages and roll-up focused primarily on outdoor sports lovers and family health care people.

Now, people are more interested in Katadyn especially in outdoor sport lover and backpacker. With the development of Chinese sales, Katadyn opened a branch in China in 2017 and we still got great cooperation with each other.

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