Seizing the Moment: The Untapped Potential of the Chinese PBSA Market in 2023

The Chinese PBSA market in 2023 is surging ahead at an unprecedented pace, fueled by a resurgence of Chinese students returning abroad after a hiatus due to global conditions. These students, having paused their overseas education for 1-2 years, are now eager to embark on their international journey, resulting in early bookings and a palpable energy in the sector.

The reasons for such a comeback? A lack of restrictive policies from the Chinese government concerning Covid. With this wave of students making bookings since the tail end of 2022, it’s evident that there’s a lucrative opportunity for PBSA brands to tap into the Chinese market before the 24/25 cycle.

However, a recent uptick in cancellations due to language exam result failures poses a fresh challenge. Addressing this issue quickly and finding efficient replacements is crucial for maintaining occupancy rates and ensuring revenue consistency.

An essential strategy is establishing a robust digital presence on popular social media platforms in China. Platforms like Weibo, Baidu, Xiaohongshu (Red), Zhihu, Douyin (CN Tiktok), and Bilibili have morphed into crucial intermediaries for PBSA brands eyeing the Chinese market. An active presence on these platforms, tailored to the young demographic, ensures smoother bookings and sustainable growth.

Brands such as Unilife and aparto stand testament to this approach, having reaped the rewards of Rollzoom’s digital marketing prowess in the Chinese market. By establishing and optimizing their brand identity on these platforms, they’ve witnessed significant increases in referrals and a cemented brand image among their target students.

If you’re a PBSA brand aiming for sustainable growth, now’s the time to delve into the vast potential of the Chinese market, and Rollzoom is here to guide you every step of the way.

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