More Chinese students are willing to study in the UK, why not start your Chinese social marketing journey now

The UK will become the second country to emerge from the coronavirus after Sweden. The Times analyzed that after two years, the United Kingdom will finally “lead the world” and obtain “immunity”: the United Kingdom leads the world in the vaccination rate of the most vulnerable groups. In England, less than 2.6% of vulnerable populations have not yet completed vaccination, far lower than other countries such as France.

Professor Christina Pagel, professor at University College London, believes that compared with other countries, the British are much more accepting of the epidemic, especially the high coverage rate for the elderly. And WHO Special Envoy Dr. David Navarro believes that “from the perspective of the UK, the epidemic has indeed seen the light at the end of the tunnel”, and the current improvement in the data of the UK and successive parties are also a good signal!

From 18th March, the UK government had officially declined all the restriction to the international trevaller who have Covid-10 related issues. And no quarantine policies even if you are a positive test.

These policies are not only a kind of confidence in the government’s epidemic prevention measures, but also a shot in the arm for the economic development. It is also a good news to UK’s universities and PBSAs, because more international students will consider coming to study in the UK, especially the Chinese students.

The Times also pointed that the number of Chinese students set to soar at UK universities. And the data shown that there’re nearly 29,000 Chinese students applying the UK universities which is higher than 25,800 last year and 21,250 in 2020.

The Chinese student market will be growing very fast. There’s a predict that there’re 50,000 Chinese applications and 24,000 accepted by 2030, which means 1/700 25-year-old Chinese student will study in the UK.

With the news and growing Chinese students group, besides keeping the cleaning and disinfection works, PBSAs should also start the promotion for the Chinese students enrolled in September and in the future. It is the most sensible choice to start the social media promotion in China now! Students have received their university offer in February and March and looking for their future living room.

Rollzoom can help with the officail account set up and the students can understand the property information and promotions immediately, and they can talk to Rollzoom’s Chinese customer service or ask their agents to make the booking, which makes the goal of full occupancy easier to achieve.

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