More Chinese students and investment made the PBSA market more competitive

The university application system UCAS will be open for registration in May. The UCAS may cancel the PS (Personal Statement), which is a headache for international students. PS is probably the most critical factor affecting their application, aside from their academic performance. According to iNews, UCAS is considering replacing the existing personal statement with a series of questions [1]. This will make the admissions policy more transparent and fair, and many students would like to apply to UK universities. 

At the same time, many British companies have also begun to invest in or acquire PBSA companies in the UK. Barings has secured forward purchase of prime Brighton student accommodation for £43.7M from Studious Investment Management. Darren Hutchinson, Head of UK Real Estate Transactions and Managing Director at Barings, said: “This has been our second student accommodation acquisition in the UK in the past year and we continue to have substantial and growing appetite for further investments in the sector. Of particular interest are cities where supply remains constrained, the local economy is well diversified and robust, and there is a proven depth of occupier demand. We are interested in the full risk spectrum ranging from Value-add to Core, be it new developments or refurbishments. The student accommodation sector has demonstrated its resilience throughout the pandemic – with UCAS applications at an all-time high last year – and Brighton’s chronic undersupply of high-quality PBSA made this a compelling investment opportunity.” [2]

It is not difficult to see that the PBSA market is getting more significant as the number of UCAS applications hits a record high. Many cities in the UK have shown that the excellent quality student accommodations can’t satisfy all the demands. In China, students discuss the living experience, sublet policies and the details of the internal facilities of some popular student accommodations on different social media platforms. Therefore, many PBSAs are constantly promoting their services and continuously carrying out their brand marketing strategy in China.

With more Chinese students applying to British universities and more investors focusing on the PBSAs market, it is time to take the initiative to develop the Chinese market. Well-known PBSA brands, such as Downing, CRM, Vita, etc., have already been operating and marketing in China for years, also have gained many followers and have built the brand on Chinese social media platforms. If you don’t have enough experience in the Chinese market, Rollzoom is your most reliable partner.

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