Many preferential policies for international students are released, attracting more Chinese students to study in the UK. 

Recently, the UK Visas and Immigration Office released new policies for visa customers and applicants in the UK who intend to leave the UK but are affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions. According to the new policy, the application deadline for “Exceptional Assurance” (EA) now could be extended to September 30, 2022. Previously, the government allowed the applicants to extend their EA applications up to one month. Now the new policy grants another two months for EA applicants. This new policy means that students, who want to stay in the UK for an extended period or transfer to a PSW/student visa, now have extra time to prepare and achieve their goals. So far, many students who had visitor or expiring visas have successfully renewed their study, work, or entrepreneurship visas via the “EA” channel. 

In the past few years, high costs of air flight tickets and self-financing quarantine have become the biggest barrier for Chinese students to return to China after graduation. Those high costs also raised great concern among Chinese students considering studying abroad. However, this situation will be significantly improved because the Chinese government recently released the latest against the Covid-19 policy. The policy suggested that the quarantine for inbound personnel would be shortened from the original 14+7 days to 7+3 days. The Civil Aviation Administration of China also announced in June that the number of international flights would expect to increase in the following months. These policies have significantly increased the confidence of Chinese students in studying abroad. 

There is also a growing trend among Chinese students to stay in the UK after graduation. According to the latest survey by, Adzuna, a British job search engine, the salary of 2022 university graduates in the UK will be 7% higher than that of the class of 2021. Adzuna also reported that the average wage for graduate positions had reached 26,076 pounds, while the average salary in 2021 was 24,389 pounds. A 7% increase in the graduate wage level implies that there is now intense competition in the UK job market, probably due to a shortage of labour. For some trendy and competitive industries, graduates’ annual salaries can reach 50,000-60,000 pounds. An increasing trend of salary levels on graduate jobs will keep talents working in the UK and attract more international students to study in the UK. The number of Chinese students is also expected to grow shortly because of good employment benefits after graduation. 

The latest government policies and the preferential treatment of British graduates will undoubtedly attract more students to study and live in the UK, which is certainly good news for PBSA. Now the PBSA industry has become a popular and booming industry. All the local and international real estate companies are seizing the opportunities to develop, consolidate and expand their market share and scale. 

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