How can Weibo promote PBSA?

Is Weibo beneficial for PBSA to achieve more bookings? With the operating experiences, we will analyse the fundamental role of social media in recruitment.

1. As a social media with a broad audience, Weibo has 230 million daily active users. Many people find information on Weibo because there’re many valuable resources and people with the same interests. And students also get and exchange more PBSA information here, which virtually drives more bookings.

2. Weibo can better target the customers. Weibo provides a professional and accurate advertising platform. Rollzoom can help make advertisements based on age, hobbies, regions, and other essentials to obtain higher exposure among the targeted customer groups. So that more customers can make the booking with a more detailed understanding according to the copywriting introduction. So it will also bring a higher booking volume efficiently.

3. Weibo can be used as a customer service tool to help students promptly. More Chinese students will contact the official account when they see the information on Weibo, and they’d love to inquire about the room information directly. We have a complete set of procedures and a professional team to answer the inquiries, which can ensure that the students get answers immediately. Responding to students’ questions in Chinese will keep the potential customers stay, and they can make the final decision with confidence.

Rollzoom accurately analyses customers’ needs in cooperating with our customers to make the right content, target the right audiences, and help to get more exposure and achieve more bookings. Not only did we answer the enquires, but our customer service team also actively participated in the student chat groups to touch potential customers. Many of our PBSA clients have achieved the goal of full booking. Suppose you also want to have your own official Chinese social media account or wish to make your operations more effective. In that case, Rollzoom provides a free consultation to you to better understand our Chinese market services. The goal of a full booking is only one decision away from you.

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