Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese New Year to be a public holiday in Australia?

When it’s near to the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), Chinese Australians are increasingly homesick, fortunately, in recent years, the Australian community has also paid more and more attention to the Spring Festival, New Year decorations with Chinese traditional characteristics are seen in many places of at this time of the year.

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And in the near future, Chinese New Year might also become a public holiday in Australia Possibly!

01: Encourage and support multicultural customs

As a multicultural country, Australia has immigrants from all over the world, and they have different traditions and cultural customs. According to the data from the 2021 census, there is about one-fifth of people speak languages other than English at home, at the same time, a quarter of Australians have overseas non-European cultural backgrounds.

Recently, in order to keep pace with Australia’s growing multicultural social reputation, the call for two more public holidays in Australia every year has become increasingly high. And the Chinese Lunar New Year may also become one of Australia’s new public holidays!

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Although it is generally believed that Australia has many long weekends and long holidays, many countries in the Indo-Pacific region, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, have more holidays than Australia.

What many people don’t know is that in some parts of Australia, the Spring Festival is really a public holiday!
According to the report, there is a public holiday for the Chinese New Year on Christmas Island in Australia, and Eid al-Fitr is a public holiday on Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
Public holidays for traditional holidays in other countries also reflect Australia’s multiculturalism.

Therefore, think tank research institutes believe that adding more public holidays to Australia’s annual calendar will reshape the country’s reputation as a “Western outpost on the India-Pacific Rim” and send a strong message to the rest of the world.

“In an era of growing concern about global anti-liberalism and intolerance, this will be a powerful symbolic statement of western free and democratic countries. The agency reported that more public holidays will play a key role in promoting inclusiveness by creating a greater sense of solidarity. They will encourage society to better understand different beliefs and customs and normalize Australia’s cultural pluralism.

02: Celebrating Chinese New Year in Australia

China is the third largest source country of immigrants, perhaps much Chinese living in Australia have noticed that in recent years, Australia has paid more and more attention to the traditional Chinese Spring Festival.

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According to the report, countries around the world are preparing to celebrate the Chinese New Year. For billions of people, this is a grand event, full of celebrations and long cultural traditions. Across Australia, cities are preparing to launch a series of activities to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.

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At the same time, elements related to the Year of the Rabbit can be seen in various cities in Australia. For example, the giant rabbit lamp on the streets of Melbourne.

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The annual dragon boat race at Darling Harbour, Sydney, has also become one of Australia’s landmark activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Picture reference: 9 News

Why is the Chinese traditional Spring Festival been more and more valued by Australia in recent years?
According to the latest census data, more than 50% of Australian residents were born overseas for the first time, and 48.2% of the population’s parents were immigrants.

Among them, the population born in China ranks third among countries other than Australia, after Britain and India.

At the same time, Mandarin is still the most common language other than English in Australian families, with 685274 people using it in 2021.

In the past 35 years, the Chinese population has increased more than five times! From less than 200000 at the time of the 1986 census to more than 1.39 million on August 10 last year, accounting for 5.5% of the total population of Australia.

It can be said that with the growth of the number of Chinese immigrants, the Chinese community has become an important part of Australia, and has also added a strong color to Australia’s multicultural.

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