Happy Chinese New Year, are you ready to promote for the day?

There’s only 1 week to Chinese New Year(11th February), have you prepared for the event like dumpling, Spring Festival couplets and other symbols of Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year Promotions

It is the most important holiday to Chinese people and also, it’s the best time to do advert to attract more audience and student. On January 11, 2021, Michael Spence became the new President &Provost of University College London (UCL). He speaks Mandarin and gave a Chinese speech to all Chinese alumni.

Michael Spence, the new President &Provost of University College London (UCL)

On 27th January, the Prime Minister has announced that it’ll not be possible to resume face-to-face learning for the majority of pupils and students until 8 March at the earliest. the Prime Minister has also announced further measures at the border, including the strengthening of requirements for some arrivals through hotel isolation and China is not on the list of Although the situation is still severe, there’re still many Chinese students coming to UK in January by transfer flights or planning to UK in the end of March as the campus will open around Easter. We have seen many bookings came through for April intake as many students cancelled their previous booking.

Chinese student at airport

In this situation, Rollzoom is still here to help all the accommodation companies in the UK. Chinese New Year is an opportunity to promote to get more exposures. It is also the best time to start preparing promoting on Chinese social media for the 2021/22 bookings. Please contact hello@rollzoom.com or make the appointment on the following link.

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