Enrollment deadlines approaching, have you got enough applications?

On 9th December, UCAS released comprehensive data for the 2021 application round. The most noteworthy of the data is that the number of 18-year-old students admitted to the UK’s most selective university in 2021 exceeded 100,000 for the first time. Many people may think that under the influence of the epidemic, the application of international students may decrease, but the actual data gives a completely different answer: the competition of international students will become more intense!

According to data released by UCAS, as of October 15, 2021, a total of 77,810 students have submitted undergraduate applications through UCAS. Compared with the data in 2020: 76,940, applications have increased by 1%.

Applications analysis by UCAS by 15th October, 2021

Among them, there are 55,990 domestic applicants, 4,370 EU applicants, and 17,460 applicants from non-EU countries. (The number of EU applicants plummeted by 19%, mainly because of Brexit)

Data of EU and CN applicants

As of 15th October, a total of 4,570 students in mainland China had submitted applications. Compared with the 3,310 students last year, this was an increase of over 1,200 students (an increase of 23%). The total number of applicants from China also exceeds the total number of applicants from all European Unions, and China is also the country with the largest number of applicants among all countries outside the UK. This shows that although the impact of the epidemic is still there, the enthusiasm of Chinese students for studying in the UK has not diminished but has grown.

Applicants for courses with 15 October, 2021 deadline by declared country of domicile (excluding UK) by UCAS

Facing with such a large group of Chinese international students, many universities have set up admissions offices in China to stand out among many universities and have begun to use Weibo, WeChat, and other media resources to attract more outstanding students to join. Among the 159 British universities, the number of universities that have opened Weibo and WeChat has exceeded 70.5% and 57.2%. They create a good image for the university through Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Red, Baidu and other platforms to promote the university’s brand, so that more Chinese students can learn more about the universities and choose their interested majors and universities.

Many universities openned various Chinese social media platforms
Official accounts on Weibo, WeChat, Red (Xiaohongshu) and Douyin (TikTok)

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